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Junkbot Sculpture

I made an art toy scupture of Junkbot, one of my Robot Roundup characters.

I started by printing out the vector drawing of the character at the size I wanted the sculpture to be. I used this as a schematic so that I could measure his proportions against the print out.

Except for some screws in his arms, legs, and neck, he’s made entirely from polymer clay, even his inner wires. Using a clay extruder tool, I made a bunch of “noodles” that I used to coat his insides with a messy nest of wires. I then made some thicker ribbed tubing by twisting a noodle around a thin wire.

After the clay was cured, I coated him with thinned modelling putty, dabbed on with an old paint brush. This added a kind of cast iron texture.

I airbrushed him with various rust and orange colors and then used thin washes of oil paint to add grease and rust streaks.


This is a character that’s been with me for quite a while now. I call him “Bindlebot”. He’s the first robot I painted after deciding to put more effort into illustration, and I’ve done a few versions of him since then. It makes me happy to know that he’s always out there on his adventure. He’s the logo for Robot Roundup as well as Rainbot for the letter R.