Black Star Base

The Black Star Maquette I made has been sitting around for a few years in my workspace but there wasn’t a good way to display it. It needed a proper base.

I started by using a clear acrylic Christmas ornament half-dome as a mold. Using baby oil as a mold release, I coated the inside with about a quarter-inch layer of polymer clay (Super Sculpey). Then I packed it with aluminum foil and added a top layer of clay. I took it out of the mold and sculpted the craters and added texture. I used a little lava rock to put gouges into the surface.

After baking the clay, I sprayed it with black primer and then dry-brushed several shades of redish-brown acrylic paint, going from dark to light.

The hardest part was finding a way to straightly attach the acrylic rod that holds the ship. I don’t have a drill press and my hand-drilled hole was a bit crooked. So I made the hole bigger, giving it some wiggle room, and built a jig out of Lego to hold it in place while I epoxied it.

I really like how it turned out.

Junkbot Sculpture

I made an art toy scupture of Junkbot, one of my Robot Roundup characters.

I started by printing out the vector drawing of the character at the size I wanted the sculpture to be. I used this as a schematic so that I could measure his proportions against the print out.

Except for some screws in his arms, legs, and neck, he’s made entirely from polymer clay, even his inner wires. Using a clay extruder tool, I made a bunch of “noodles” that I used to coat his insides with a messy nest of wires. I then made some thicker ribbed tubing by twisting a noodle around a thin wire.

After the clay was cured, I coated him with thinned modelling putty, dabbed on with an old paint brush. This added a kind of cast iron texture.

I airbrushed him with various rust and orange colors and then used thin washes of oil paint to add grease and rust streaks.

it's a small world Moai Statues

I made some scale replicas of the Moai statues from it’s a small world in Disneyland (one of my favorite attractions). I designed the papercraft template in Illustrator and printed it on card stock. As I assembled the pieces, I stuffed the inside with layers of shredded paper and wood glue. I textured the assembled models with acrylic modeling paste and then painted them with acrylics. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Black Star Maquette

While working on Space Pirates, I came across a challenge trying to draw the main ship, the Black Star, from different angles, so I decided to build a quick maquette of it. I sculpted it from Super Scupley and cured it in the oven. Then I scribed panel lines, drilled rivet holes, and glued on some washers for portholes. I primed and shaded it, then did the final paint and weathering. It’s very rough but I like how it turned out.